Logsdon Alum Commissioned for Ministry in Macedonia

By: Kristen Harris

Editor: James Stone

September 26, 2001

Jeff and Alicia Lee have answered the Macedonian Call…literally.

In June, the two were commissioned as field personnel at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Annual Meeting, in Tampa, Florida. The Lees will be serving in Skopje Macedonia.

Jeff described their commissioning as a powerful confirmation of their calling and the partnership in support of that calling by the CBF.

“We experienced an overwhelming sense of God fulfilling his call on our lives,” said Jeff.  “It was a time of affirmation of God’s work in our lives.”

Skopje, the Lee’s new home beginning in the Summer 2012, is the capital city of Macedonia.

Both Alicia and Jeff are excited to have found an opportunity to serve in a context that fits their understanding of God’s calling in their lives–to work with the poorest and most marginalized people groups in the world.

The Lees are being sent to live and work within the Albanian population within Skopje, a group that is known to be extremely poor and often marginalized. They will work primarily with the Abanian population within Skopje, a group among the poorest and most marginalized in all of Macedonia. Alicia and Jeff will continue CBF’s work at “The Future of the Family,” an Albanian kindergarten established by Arville and Shella Earl, who currently serve as CBF field personnel in Macedonia When the Earls retire in the fall of 2012, the Lees will be stepping-in to raise the funding for the kindergarten.

According to Alicia and Jeff, they make a gifted team because their passions mesh perfectly with the needs of the Albanians of Skopje.

Having earned a Master’s degree in Family Psychology, Alicia will have the opportunity to exercise her love for children and families as well as her counseling training by teaching families of kindergarteners how to better provide for themselves. In doing so, she hopes to also be able to serve as an advocate for the rights of women and children.

Jeff’s anticipates opportunity to help those who are marginalized through his training and education. He plans to utilize his Master of Divinity and a Master of Environmental Management degree in ministering to spiritual needs through pastoral care and the physical needs of Albanians through searching for environmental and agricultural opportunities.

One of the challenges faced by the Lees is learning two new languages. Jeff and Alicia will learn Albanian first, it is the prmary language among the working Albanian population in Skopje. Later they will eventually attempt to master Macedonian.

“We expect the language barrier to be very challenging. The other big challenge will be adjusting to a new city, country, culture and life away from family and friends.  We would gladly accept prayer warriors in this area!”

In reflecting on their journey of preparation leading to their Macedonian Call, Jeff sats his time at Logsdon  was formative.

“Friendships with faculty, staff, and students formed at Logsdon have been a source of constant encouragement in our discerning of our call,” said Jeff, “Both throughout the CBF process and as we prepare to go on the field. We look forward to the ways we will partner with Logsdon in the future to participate in the ministry in Skopje, Macedonia.”

As CBF Field Personnel, the Lees are responsible for raising their own support for ministry in Macedonia. 100% of their work will be supported by the financial gifts of individuals, families, and churches. For more information about partnering with Jeff and Alicia through prayer or financial support, please visit www.thefellowship.info/lee or email jeffandalicialee@yahoo.com. You can also visit the Lees’ bio page www.thefellowshi.info/lee and read their blog www.thelittleleefamily.blogspot.com.



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