Logsdon Student Discovers Ministry Opportunity in London Congregation

By: Kristen Harris

Editor: James Stone

Published in “The Logsdon Letter” ed. Winter 2011


One graduate student who probably benefited more than most from his experience in Logsdon Seminary’s Spring Semester in London is Travis Adams.

After walking across HSU’s Berhens Audotorium stage to receive his Master of Divinity diploma and hood, Adams immediately returned to London to serve in a British Baptist Church.

Adams was hired as in intern minister at Bloomsbury Baptist Church in London. As a part of his ministry responsibilities, Adams aids in the preparation of weekly worship services, and assists in ministry to elderly adults, young adults, youth, and children respectively.

Additionally, Adams fills in as needed in the church’s kitchen during “open doors” hours, a ministry practice where any and all are invited to come to the church for food, ministerial guidance, or just a quiet place to pray.

Adams obtained his internship as a result of relationships developed through his London study experience. Asked to interview church leaders for his British Worship course, Adams found himself taking to one of the head ministers at Bloomsbury Baptist, Rev. Ruth Gouldbourne.

“After several hours of discussion and follow up correspondences,” Adams explained, “We believed God was directing me to join the work of Bloomsbury Baptist for both the growth and development of our spiritual journeys and meeting the needs of the overlooked citizens of Central London.”

Adams, who has spent the majority of his ministry in small Baptist church is Arkansas and Texas, notes the differences between ministry in London and in the American South.

According to Adams, churches in the US seem to have more time to deal with issues like open or closed communion or the search for hidden secrets about Armageddon in the imagery of Revelation. In London, however, “When speaking about faith, personal doctrines and dogmas take a distant second place to discovering pragmatic solutions to international and interfaith dilemmas…In short, UK Christianity tends to emphasize action over ideas.”

Adams cites London’s status as a world city as the reason for this emphasis on action.

“People in London don’t worry about most topics which demand center stage in our denominational squalls,” says Adams who now counts such discussions as luxuries. “This focus on actions rather than doctrine has greatly informed how I now practice ministry.”

Adams believes his time at Logsdon Seminary prepared him for this exciting opportunity by allowing him to hone his critical thinking skills and further develop his spiritual awareness.

“Thanks to my education and my experience with Christ in the midst of my curriculum, I can not only immediately respond to the needs around me, but also use the tools I have gained to continually enhance my knowledge and skills for the sake for furthering the work of the Kindgom,” says Adams.


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