London Calling: Seminarians Study Abroad

Seminarians Engage Theological Education Through Study Abroad in London

By: Kristen Harris

Editor: James Stone

Published in: “The Logsdon Letter” ed. Winter 2011

During the 2011 Spring Semester, five Logsdon seminarians joined six Hardin-Simmons University undergraduate students in traveling to the United Kingdom to spend the semester living and learning in London through HSU’s International Studies Program.

While in London, seminary students engaged courses taught by London-based faculty in the disciplines of art, history, and theater. Logsdon students also were able to travel around the U, including a nine-day bus tour to Oxford, Cambridge, Stonehenge, Dover, Canterbury, York, Edinburgh, the English lake country, the Scottish mountains, and Caernavon, Wales, as well as other weekend trips.

Dr. Rob Sellers, Connally Chair of Missions and Professor of Mission Ministry for Logsdon Seminary, accompanied the group as Hardin-Simmons’ representative professor.

His presence and the courses he offered, World Religions and Religion in Film, allowed the seminary students to participate in the program while fulfilling their masters-level degree requirements.

“Graduate students, first of all, come with more maturity and more focus in what they intend to do in life,” said Sellers. “I really think having graduate students in London is great for the program and is especially important for the alert and curious and focused graduate student to immerse herself or himself in such and important, historical, and diverse city.” Upon their return from London, many participants considered how their new experiences and life lessons might further enhance both their education and ministry.

Megan Tolle, a student in Logsdon Seminary’s Master of Arts in Family Ministry program, agreed with Seller’s sentiments, noting her time in London helped her better define her calling.

“London was eye-opening to the world beyond Abilene, Texas,” said Tolle. “My worldview was challenged and broadened through my semester in London. All of this made me more excited about ministry and the places God will take me in it.”

Another Logsdon Master of divinity student, Mandi Bundrick, reflected on how the semester in London allowed her to see life through the lens of a culturally diverse world city.

“Living in London has taught me to see myself in a truer light, in a perspective where I’m able to step outside of myself and see myself as a part of a global community. It helped me to feel a part of something larger than my small little community in Texas.


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