Students Address Importance of Prayer and Contemplation for Ministry Preparation

By: Kristen Harris

Editor: James Stone

Published in “The Logsdon Letter” ed. Winter 2012


Each year, many Logsdon Seminary students take pause at the midpoint of their seminary program studies to reflect and take inventory on their journey of ministry during the annual Logsdon Seminary Spiritual formation Retreat. Dr. Viki Hollon, minister of senior adults at Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio, and professor at Drew University, served as the 2012 retreat facilitator for the February event held at Abilene’s First Baptist Church.

Hollon stated one of her goals during the retreat was to lead students into a realization that spiritual growth often comes through relationship-building. To this end, Hollon urged the students to pause  for reflection and examination of students’ relationship with their own family.

“I deeply believe that being a Christian is a life long journey and it’s a commitment to keep growing,” said Hollon. “I think probably all of us can acknowledge where we have space in our lives where we were not on that track. Whether we call it spiritual formation or discipleship or Christian growth or training: it’s about that life long growing and learning and our relationship with god and ultimately how to be the hands and feet for God’s love”

Cinda Smith, a Logsdon Seminary Master of Divinity student, was surprised by how much she enjoyed Hollon’s topic.

“I had several other students tell me how they came to the retreat without many expectations but found it to be very fulfilling,” said Smith. “Dr. Hollon was wonderful as she led us into becoming more aware of how God has used our past to prepare us for where we are today.”


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