My name is Kristen Harris and I am a Baptist Christian professional trained for both ministry and mass media. I have been in love with digital storytelling since my high school started a student produced news broadcast. There seeing my first news story play during one of our broadcasts after hours of hard work and planning ignited a spark within that has yet to leave me. Travel also pulls at my soul. The many opportunities I given to me see new places near and far have served as inspiration for several of my favorite articles, photo shoots, and videos projects. I strive to communicate the theological foundations of the Christian faith through ethical yet creative means. In today’s media saturated world, this is no easy task. The cheap emotional ploy is a tactic I refuse to utilize. This choice causes me to seek more intelligent and creative means to communicate important stories. I believe the ethical and skilled utilization of mass media platforms is vital for the effective communication of God’s Kingdom within today’s world.  The development and maintenance of strong personal and professional relationships are tasks to which I give a great amount of my time. I absolutely love getting to know new people, hearing new stories, and collaborating creatively with clients. I have the capacity to communicate clearly and effectively, connect with others by developing and maintaining strong personal and professional relationships, and to facilitate and encourage community among believers. I’m always excited to meet new people and I look forward to collaborating with you as you work to tell your story.

Peace and Justice,



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